Sunday, November 04, 2007

Feel the Cool Crisp Air

Fall is here and it's beautiful! Normally I dread this time of year because I know that it means in just a few more months it could be bitterly cold and I HATE being cold. But for some reason this year I'm not dreading it quite as much as I used to. Maybe after enduring the dreadfully hot summer that we had I'm ready for the cool weather. Or maybe having David is giving me more to look forward to as I see things through his eyes. I wonder if he remembers how much enjoyed playing in the piles of leaves I would rack up for him last year.

Saturday afternoon/evening we took a lovely drive through part of the Natchez Trace. A lot of times when Geoff wants to take a drive I have a hard time relaxing and enjoying it. I don't think I've ever been good at taking drives just for the sake of driving. I want to reach the destination. Of course, this time, there was no destination. We had a picnic for dinner, soup and grilled cheese. Then David and I picked out some pretty leaves together.

David was getting quite antsy so since we were near the Bellevue Mall we decided to stop there to let him play for a while. He had the best time running, jumping, climbing, and sliding with all the other kids. Too bad that play area is so far from us.

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