Thursday, December 13, 2007

No, not yet.

That's David's answer to everything this morning:

Are you ready to change your stinky diaper? No, not yet.
Are you ready to put clothes on? No, not yet. (I've let him get away with that one, for now.)
Do you want juice? No, not yet. (Then proceeded to drink it all.)
Are you ready to get down (from the breakfast table)? No, not yet. (Then proceeded to whine when I didn't push his chair back because he was ready to get down.)

I was in the bathroom and he yells, "Mom, where are you?" So, I yell back that I was in the bathroom. He says, "No, not yet."

The last few days he's answered yes to just about everything; I guess we've moved on to "no, not yet."

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