Monday, April 28, 2008

Hollis Adoption Yard Sale

Our friends, Katie Jo & Steve Hollis, are raising funds to adopt their 2nd child. To keep up with the adoption detail please visit their blog, Hope for the Hollis' . Below is information regarding their yard sale fundraiser. I will be happy to help collect items for this sale so please feel free to contact me if you have items to donate. We would also like to have baked goods, soda, & water to sell.

This is a very sweet, loving family who love God with all their heart, mind, and soul. They want to share this love with a child.

Thank you very much for your help. Lorie

Yard Sale donations are now being accepted.

Donated items will be sold at a yard sale at our house on May 24th. When we adopted Sophie, our last two yard sales raised a combined total of $1,600!! I can’t wait to work hard and see what God is going to do this time. The neat thing about our yard sales is that other people are blessed by all of your donated items. I sell stuff cheap to bless them and trust that God will supply just the right amount of money for our adoption. If you have never helped with a sale, this is a fun time to come and fellowship with friends. After the yard sale I will distribute left over items to people I know who could use them & then the rest will be donated to Thrift Smart.

Here’s some information for anyone wishing to participate:

  • Contact Katie Jo at
  • Clothing items must be spring & summer clothing only. (children’s clothing sells the best)


  • Consider giving items that are random like Clinque samples, or bottles of shampoo you didn’t like. Don’t forget stuff for men to look through. Men love a bargain on tools and gadgets.

  • Remember to look through your garage for stuff to donate.

  • You could donate cans of coke or bottles of water for us to sell and drink. What about pizza gift certificates for everyone working at the sale? Baked goods are always a hit for early birds.

  • Please do not donate any collectible items that you think are worth money. It is unlikely that a yard sale customer will recognize it’s real value.

  • If you have large items to sell please arrange for a truck, as we do not have one. Let us know about it ahead of time and we can try to locate one for Friday.

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