Saturday, November 01, 2008

David the Dragon

David had a great time trick or treating this year. We started preparing a couple of weeks ago by checking out The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and a couple of Halloween books from the library. He learned that after ringing the doorbell he was supposed to say "trick or treat" and after they handed out the candy he was supposed to say "thank you." Well, instead of going door-to-door we ended up at Judson Baptist Church for their Trunk or Treating. We had a lot of fun & he got a lot of candy. He did okay saying "trick or treat" & really well saying "thank you."

David the cute dragon.

Nana bought him this great dragon costume. Thanks, Nana!

Our friends', the Murphy's were having a little Halloween party, so we decided to stop by for a few minutes. Here is David & his friend, Jackson, who was a train engineer.

And the sleepy dragon. He actually fell asleep between the church & the Murphy's.

The loot! Look at all this candy from Trunk or Treating.

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Nanette R. said...

Your post reminded me of when Daniel was two and I was teaching him how to trick-or-treat. I told him what to say and then got on the other side of the door and told him to knock (we were in his bedroom, not outside). I opened the door and he didn't do anything, so I said, "what do you say?". He smiled and said, "Well, hi!" :-) Sounds like you all had a fun night with friends.