Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Mom's Right to Brag

David & I were eating lunch when Eve woke up from a nap & began crying. It was time for her to eat so I gobbled down the rest of my lunch, left David at the kitchen table to finish his lunch, while I went to the living room to feed Eve. I don't like doing this because I can't see what David is up to. In the middle of the feeding I get a phone call. So now I can't see OR hear what he might be up to. I hear some russeling around, put my friend on hold to tell David to come tell me what he was doing. He came to the living room & said, "I'm just cleaning up." I was a little concerned about what that meant so I stopped feeding Eve to go investigate. That child was indeed cleaning up. For lunch we had celery & carrot sticks, peanut butter & crackers. He was busy putting everything into the frig (even the peanut butter & crackers). Needless to say, he got double check marks on his chore chart for that great deed.

After putting David down for his nap Eve & I came to the living room. She was busy playing on the floor & I was right here on the couch searching out some great deals a friend just told me about. I look up just in time to see Eve roll from her back to stomach. Now, she's done this once before right after a bath when she was VERY upset, but she hadn't done it in several weeks. It looked like she was trying to roll back over, but she was kind of stuck on her playmat. I rolled her to her back & grabbed the video camera. And I caught it on video! She rolled from her back to her stomach & then to her back again. I was going to try to catch it with our digital camera so it would be easy to put the video on here, but she was done for now. Maybe next time. But I did get some pictures of her on her stomach.

In this one you can see her trying to get up on her knees. In the video I took you can see her actually pushing herself forward a little bit trying to reach a toy in front of her. How awesome is that.

Woohoo! THIS is a good day! Thank you God!


Nanette R. said...

Those are awesome accounts of your kids and you definitely reserve the right to brag on them! Eve looks as happy and proud as I'm sure David was at his accomplishment! :-)

Jennifer Heerman said...

Those are some great pictures of Eve. She's a cutie!