Thursday, August 10, 2006

7 Teeth, Climbing

David is getting his 7th tooth. Unlike all the others, this one was through the gums before I even realized it was close. He had been drooling a lot off and on, but he hadn't been as cranky as he had been before all the others broke through. He has been more cranky since it's broken through. I don't know, perhaps the one on the other side is trying to push through, too.

Tuesday night we went out to dinner with Geoff's mom. She spent the night with us before flying out to Oklahoma to be with Geoff's sister, who is about to have her 3rd baby. Anyway, while we were eating dessert David decided he was going to try to help himself to another piece of cookie and stood up in the high chair. I know, it was dangerous, he could have fallen, but Geoff was right there and I just had to snap a quick picture. You can see that he has his eye on that cookie.

Then yesterday he decided to climb on top of the ottoman. It has now been moved to another room.

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