Friday, October 27, 2006

Growing So Fast

As you can see from the pictures, David has been quite busy.

Playing peek-a-boo: he puts the back of his hands over his eyes, presses so hard that he makes his eyes red, and he won't move his hands until you say, "Where is David?"

He's a multi-tasker: drinking his milk and pulling the puppy at the same time. Until just recently he hasn't been pulling the puppy but rather picking it all the way up off the ground by the string.

Checking out the leaves at the Scarritt-Bennett Center.

Pulling guts out of the pumpkin that we got at Waldon Farms. He was actually quite helpful, but he did try to eat the raw seeds.

And the final picture: he has learned how to get on and off of his riding toy (this picture is actually from July when we had to put him on the toy).

Lately, it seems like he's just exploded with new development. It's so fun to watch him. I love to just sit and watch him play, figuring something new out for the first time.

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