Friday, August 01, 2008

Remember that Storm? Remember our Tent?

Way back on July 9, I only know the date because it's on the pictures, we had a pretty good storm come up in our area. Some of you may remember the tent we had up on the deck at the Memorial Day party, well, we never took it down. Since we have no shade on our deck without the tent, we like to keep it up. Well, the storm pretty much took care of it for us. Geoff had to cut some of the branches out of the tree and get up on the roof to get the tent down. Needless to say, we have no more tent. Most of the poles went into the trash and those tarps had seen their better days anyway. So, no tent for now, until we can afford to buy new poles. All the connecting pieces are fine. It's a wonder one of those poles didn't go through a window - with one of us standing there admiring the storm like we tend to do.


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